Don’t Use The T-word

Be careful who you call a terrorist. It’s a slippery slope. Our civil liberties have eroded quickly enough since 9/11. We don’t want to accelerate the terrorist creep.

Remember, the battlefield for the War on Terror includes the US homeland and US citizens can be detained indefinitely without trial:

You may be thinking, “This only applies to Muslim extremists.” Wrong.

Why do politicians refuse to call the problem Radical Islam? First it was Obama:Obama islamic extremism

Now it’s Trump (via McMaster):


They don’t want to limit the definition. Constitutional rights don’t apply to terrorists. It’s better to leave the term open-ended so it can be applied to the opponent du jour.

Consider what Boston neighborhoods looked like after the marathon bombing: swat

Nobody wants this. I get that Antifa is using violence to block free speech. Does that make them “domestic terrorists?” Maybe, but we should err on side of liberty. These labels and pleas just invite the humvees and body armor:

Antifa does appear contrived. For example, how is it so organized? How is it being funded? The tweet below is concerning despite the rather disreputable source:

If true, this is straight out of  the color revolution playbook. The objective should be to expose rather than engage. To engage is to take the bait, not to mention dangerous. Dangerous to the extent you’ll beg for militarized police, and I’m afraid that’s the goal.